Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bubba Update

Albert, originally uploaded by CoriK..
Hey guys and gals, Albert here! Just wanted to let you know that the vet said my attention hog brother is going to be just fine. His test results were excellent...he always was the teacher's pet. He is down to one pill a day for three weeks then down to one pill every other day for three weeks after that and then done to none! This is good news for him but bad news for me...sympathy please? Every time Mom gave Elvis a pill she gave him treats afterwards and then gave me some too so I didn't feel left out. Ahh, the good ole days.
Anywho, now that Elvis is better it's back to your regularly scheduled programming...ME! Try to contain your excitement.
P.S. I'm really glad Elvis is ok. It would be no fun at all with out him. But you didn't hear that from me!


Kea said...

We're very glad Elvis is on the mend and going to be just fine!

Your mom should just continue with the treats anyway!

barbarabaker said...

Those boys have the most intense stares. Gotta love 'em.

Katnip Lounge said...

Albert, you are an excellent, starving reporter! Hurrah for Elvis, boo for reduced treatage!

s said...

Albert, this means you have 6 weeks to learn some really impressive tricks (maybe like folding the laundry, or washing the dishes), then your mom will be so impressed that she'll give you treats each time you do them.

So glad Elvis is feeling better though

Marlene said...

So glad your brother is doing so well! And very happymto see you, Mr. Handsome sweetie pie ookums. Oops, that just slipped out hehe

AnnF said...

Hello there, handsome! I'm sure glad that your brother is doing well and that you're at least getting some extra treats out of it, as well as a healthy wrestling and trouble-making partner.

Patti said...

Bertie -- you adorable spoiled brat!!! Somehow I just know you still got tons of attention even while your brother was sick.
Happy Caturday!

Deodand said...

Elvis Lives!


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