Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What? You're Not a Cat!

What?, originally uploaded by CoriK..

My birthday is right around the corner and I wanted to let you guys in on a little secret...I don't just celebrate the day, I celebrate the entire month. I have parties and dinners to attend, karaoke to sing and Thanksgiving meals to prepare. I'm just plain ol' busy up until December 1st. All this is to say, don't let the sound of crickets chirping everytime you come to the boys site scare you away. The hiatus is only temporary. The boys are doing great, active and ridiculous as ever. We've had some silly firsts at the Livermore-Knight household and I can't wait to share...I have a little contest planned and I'll try to squeeze it in next week. Until then, have a wonderful week and enjoy the fabulous November weather!


Marlene said...

If you're old at 32, then what am I? Yes, I am ancient ;)

Happy Birthday month to you!

Katnip Lounge said...

Happy 32!!!!

I loved my thirties!
I'm Loving my forties!

I hope they are just as wonderful for you.

Life is good.

s said...

Happy Birthday!
I hope it's a great month :)

Josie said...

Happy Birthday Early! You totally do not look 32 :P
I can then, keep my fingers crossed for myself! (26 now, so in other words to everyone else I'm a 'youngn'...with grey hairs :P)
Enjoy your birthday month! I'd bake you a pie if I lived closer :D

Patti said...

Nope, not a cat -- just a pup!
Happy Birthday month!!!!

Ducky said...

Happy Birthmonth!!

G said...

As you will note by my avatar, I like your facial accouterments. Now practice discussing milkshake physics.

32 was a while back but from what I can recall, it was a good age.

AnnF said...

Happy Birthmonth!

I hope I look that good at 32...but then, since I'd have to go backwards, it's not that likely now, is it? ;-)


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